bleu - for soprano/tenor saxophone & piano

premiered by Hannah Marcinowicz at kings place, london

SHE - for alto saxophone & piano

Premiered by amy green at Saxopen, Strasbourg

Voyage – a Concerto for Soprano Saxophone (piano & Orchestral versions)

Premiered by Richard Ingham and the St Andrews University Symphony Orchestra, St Andrews. Published by Reed Music

Tinto - for solo EWI

premiered by Alistair Parnell at the Notting Hill Saxophone Festival

x – for solo piano

premiered by gaura horn AT THE FinalS OF the Clive Christian 'sound of perfume' competition, royal college of music

No Stopping at Any Time – for solo clarinet in A

Premiered by james maltby at the national portrait gallery

Chapters – Jubilation/What Once Was – for solo soprano saxophone

Published by Reed Music

Kanic – for solo soprano saxophone

premiered by Richard Ingham (funded by Creative Scotland). Released on ‘Notes from a Small Country’, Largo Music

Off&On – for solo drum kit

premiered by Pete Handley AT THE Royal College of Music, london

Off&ON II – for solo drum kit

Performed by James Larter AT THE NonClassical Associate Composer launch night, the victoria, dalston

car doors – for solo drum kit

Premiered by James Larter AT THE NONCLASSICAL NEW YORK CITY CLUB NIGHT, the victoria, dalston





antiphon – for soprano and cajon

premiered by victoria Oruwari & C. Harding, in collaboration with artist tabatha andrews

 at the science gallery, london

EP – for 'cello and cajon/hi-hat

premiered by the g-project (gabriella swallow & Genevieve wilkins) at NonClassical, Cafe Royal

Lament for a Lost Boy – for viola and percussion

Premiered by georgina harris, sam hoile & pete handley AT THE National Portrait Gallery

Scratches on the Surface – for alto flute, cello and piano

Performed by the Contemporary Consort AT THE Royal College of Music

Verve – for amplified violin and drum kit

Premiered by rebecca celebuski & shyung puri AT THE Royal College of Music

In Dust – for soprano saxophone and marimba/percussion set up

premiered by Rebecca McCrystal AND CHARLOTTE HARDING AT THE ‘Pipedreams’ concert series (sponsored by Pegler Yorkshire)

Phono – for solo trombone, piano and drum kit

premiered by Ross Anderson AT THE Royal College of Music, london

Skyline – for piano trio

premiered by The Pacific Trio AT St Martin-in-the-fields, London






sub, to Street, To Scraping the Sky - for saxophone quartet 

Premiered by the Laefer quartet AT st john's smith square

Stronsay Sky – for chamber ensemble (Violin, Flute, Clarinet, 'Cello, Piano, Percussion)

Premiered by The Ossian Ensemble AT THE Royal College of Music Fellow's Evening

Elegy – for two soprano saxophones, alto saxophone and piano

premiered by Flotilla AT St Martin-in-the-fields, london

Ion – for chamber ensemble (Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, TrumpeT, Piano)

Premiered at Cadogan Hall, London (part of the RCM 'Rising Stars' series)

Interlude – for string sextet

Commissioned & premiered by RCM Junior Fellow Mari Poll AT ‘Britten: An Exploration’, britten theatre, Royal College of Music

stride – for chamber ensemble

premiered by Ensemble 10/10 AT St George’s Hall, Liverpool (sound & Music portfolio scheme)

vi - for saxophone ensemble

premiered by the love music trust saxophone ensemble AT THE sandbach concert series





Large Ensemble/orchestral

them BalletBoyz

London debut at Sadler’s Wells

convo - for massed ensemble

premiered at the royal albert hall

The Indicator LineFourteen Days, BalletBoyz

premiered at Sadler’s Wells

Sol – for street orchestra

Premiered by the street orchestra of london, debut London tour 

Fuse – for orchestra (winner of the RCM concerto competition)

 Premiered by the RCM Sinfonietta, conducted by Robert Hodge 

Kraftwerk re:werk 

premiered by The British Paraorchestra & Army of Generals, conducted by charles hazlewood at Simple Things Festival, Bristol

Fluctuations – for massed saxophone ensemble

 Premiered by the National Saxophone Choir and workshop participants AT Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen (Commissioned by sound scotland)

What Once Was – for saxophone ensemble

Premiered by the RCM Saxophone Ensemble AT THE Royal College of Music

Bright Lights – for woodwind ensemble

Premiered by the RCM Wind Ensemble AT THE Royal College of Music

Fluro – for five percussion set ups, soprano saxophone, trumpet and bass guitar

Premiered at the RCM Percussion showcase concert AT THE royal college of music

Flèot Fanfares – for brass dectet and percussion

premiered at HRH Prince Charles’ visit to the Royal College of Music, March 2012

Links – for massed saxophone ensemble

premiered at Younger Hall, St Andrews (Commissioned by the World Saxophone Congress, st andrews)

Route to Braziliera – for percussion ensemble, violin and double bass

Commissioned by the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity for the project ‘Rhapsody’

Flux - for orchestra and taiko ensemble

premiered by the north Lincolnshire youth ensembles AT bath's hall, scunthorpe






Client: Gumtree UK

Music Production Company: GOLDSTEIN

Agency: Fold7

Director: Arni Thor Jonsson



‘The Journey’ 


Music Production Company: The Soundworks

Agency: St Luke’s



‘Ingenious animals’

oxford scientific films/BBC One

(Copyright - oxford scientific films)


orchestration & Arrangement


'our revels now are ended' - michael L. Roberts

(ensemble arrangement)









various OTHER orchestration, arrangement and score prep for live performance and recording. (sessions at studios including metropolis AND AIR, London; The bridge, Los Angeles;fame's project, skopje)